J. Huppertz aka Newton Downbeat Lounge
  Biographie (engl.)


The autodidact Johannes Huppertz was born on 20th of July 1964, he was  singer/songwriter  and the leader of the band „Comix Strips“ for many years. He has always been open minded about any kind of music and played with the very most different musicians in his hometown  Cologne. So he worked with the today well known minimalist Mike Ink. (Studio 1), Peter Brings (Superjeile Zick), recorded songs at the Dieter Dierks Studios (Scorpions) and played with Bands like Jeremy Days, Brings, Zeltinger Band and Chroming Rose. He always stood between comercial rock music, pop music and artificial electronic sounds.

Johannes Huppertz  is a real fan of  Andy Warhol. Pop Art ist his revelation. In all of his compositions he tries to mix tradition, zeitgeist and personal emotions.

„My tracks are always a challenge to put these 3 elements into 4 minutes.“

His headline for his instrumental arrangements: „as much as needed, the least as possible.“

Johannes Huppertz aka Newton, the architect, Area 42, Pantaea, Rouge et noire, signed from 2007 – 2009 about 120 Titel-Contracts. His Tracks are worldwide available. on C.D. Compilationes and released on over 300 Downloadportals like itunes, musicload, AOL Download etc.

Deluxe entertainment GmbH (munich) licensed  month ago 12 Trax for their Multimedia comercials/constructions

DJ Jondal (Klassik Lounge Radio), Raphael Marioneau (cafè abstrait), Henri Kohn (clubstar), Emjoy Radio, an many more DJ’s and Radiostations playing daily different Trax of Johannes Huppertz.

Johannes Huppertz released Tracks on : Lounge du soleil Vol.5/6 // chillbar Vol.1 (#7 itunes electronic charts) // Sunset cafè // Diamonds and Pearls Lounge Vol.1 (#1 itunes electronic charts) // Passion Lounge Vol.2, // Fresh chillout 2009 // Cinematic Lounge Vol.1, and so on.
Theses days he signed an exclusiv contract with the Label „mole listening pearls“ and he is working on his next Album.

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